Why It Is OK If Your Child Doesn’t Look At The Camera

I think you can relate to the frustration felt when your child refuses to look at the camera, Or maybe they refuse to “put on a nice face” they just want to run, and play in this picturesque new place.

The child starts to cry, stamp their feet, have a bit of a tantrum. They are frustrated, they just want to do kid stuff, but all the grown ups want to boss them around and have a pretty picture captured.

At this point you, the parent is frustrated, you have paid good money to have a set amount of photographs and you just can’t see that you are going to get your monies worth. You cant reschedule, and you feel stuck. 

This is where the hard bit happens. Go against all your instincts, go against all your parenting rules and step back. Stop telling the child what to do, where to look,  just stand and be quiet.  Watch what your child does. Maybe they will go straight to that puddle that they have been desperate to get too, maybe they will start walking away, maybe the will just stand and stare at something, touch something or look at the sky. 

Let them be.

When the pressure is off, they start to relax, we can start to interact again, talk about what they have found, what song they are singing, we can ask them questions, dance with them, make up songs, make silly faces.

We can be kids together, listen to the birds, pretend to fly…

We can close our eyes together and make a wish

We may spend more time playing than taking photo’s (playing is never a bad thing)  Your child may not look directly at the camera, but that doesn’t matter, I think these photographs speak volumes about what a child is like. If a photo shows emotion, peace and happiness, then we have done a good job. 

We all want the photo experience to be a good one, so sometimes we have to let the planned poses go out the window and go with the flow. 
I am patient and am very used to photographing small active children. If you want to book a photo session with me,  contact me here or visit my facebook 


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  1. i actually prefer candid photos and think a non-staged situation captures more character then those set shots when people are glaring at the camera like a deer in the headlights (:

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