Joanna   –  Rachel Baine Photography Mildenhall / Lakenheath / Bury St Edmunds PHOTOGRAPHER

This past weekend my sister married her soulmate. It was a lovely day and I was honored to be maid of honor.  My sister Joanna and my Mum  worked so hard to create the perfect day, and a perfect day it was!

I am not a wedding photographer and I have no desire to be a wedding photographer! Wedding photography should be left to all the professional wedding photographers. And if you are at a wedding, keep out of the way of the photographer- let them do their job and stay out the way. That said, I did take my camera…

I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from before the photographer arrived and then after she left. The photographer was Ali Gaudion and she is based in the Chichester area. The venue my sister chose was Audleys Wood Hotel in Basingstoke, and it was beautiful.

Too Early


Made up

The Final Thoughts

My daughter and sister

Fun times!

Whats going on here then?

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