*I am a Mum
*I am a photographer
*I use photoshop
*I love Creme eggs, bacon and carbs
*I am happy 
*I love to help
*I love to teach
…I am Rachel.  

At age 15 in a small English Army town, 90 minutes south of London our school teachers gave us the opportunity to have a week of work experience. We had a year left of school until we graduate and move on to college or start work and the teachers wanted us to get a taste of working life. I knew I wanted to work with children and I knew I wanted to help people, so it seemed like it would be a good idea to complete my work experience at a local community special school.

In that week I worked with a mixture of children with different special educational needs. From that short experience I new that my end goal would be to one day work with children with special educational needs. A year later I had further work experience with children with learning disabilities and physical disabilities, I found the work to be rewarding and enlightening. The next 15 years flew by, I worked in various retail jobs, always customer service, helping people, but not working with children. I got married, bought a camera, we traveled, we had our own children, a boy and a girl who are often featured in my digital artwork.

I now find my self gravitating back to wanting to work with children who have special education needs or have a disability. I have the time and energy to put in to these unique photo sessions and would love to be able to produce portraits and digital art that parents may not have considered for their children.
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