How Using Photoshop Actions Can Change Your Photographs

Have I mentioned that I love editing your photographs? 

I have been using the same program for years now, and that program is Photoshop.  Photoshop gives me creative freedom to edit a photograph how I want. I can make each photograph completely different, or I can keep them all looking similar.

Most of the photograph’s I create have a similar basic edit, then I add extra touches to make the photograph unique and to my style. My basic edit normally includes adding some warmth to the photograph. I use the same settings for each photograph and then tweak the settings to my taste. 

I have saved my exact settings and created an action to help me create the same kind of image each time I edit. I use it in photoshop CC to recreate warm tones. 

I changed winter to fall, midday to sunset and cloudy spring to warm summer. To use the action you need to know how to use layer masks (I have a tutorial for that here

The before photograph’s below are all straight out of camera with NO editing, the after photograph’s are with a warming action I created for my work.






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